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Plan a research visit

Find out everything you need to know about planning a research visit to our collection. 

Before you visit

The Collections Access team support both in-person and virtual visits and you can request these below. 

At least four weeks’ notice is required in order to support a visit. This enables the team to check the objects for hazards and ensure that they are in a suitable condition to be moved and viewed.  

Sometimes it will not be possible to arrange a visit as requested due to the nature of the object’s condition or its location – many of our objects travel around the world to inspire visitors. The Collections Access team will endeavour to find alternative routes to support your research questions where possible. 

The Collections Access team will be on hand throughout your visit to answer any questions and give you the support you need. Please be aware that it will not be possible to provide access to additional objects on the day of your visit, so please share all this information in advance. 

Visiting in person  

In-person viewing appointments are available Monday to Thursday between 09.00-16.00. Advice on how to get to the Science and Innovation Park by car or public transport is available. 

The viewing visits are held in the Study room in our new collection management facility. You will be met at this front gate by the Collections Access team who will lead the way to the Study.  

There is level access to the Study from the car park and there is an accessible toilet.   

For the long-term preservation and care of our collection, no food or drink is allowed within our stores or the Study. Visitors should leave any food and drink in the lockers provided. 

It is possible to use the kitchen to take a break but you will need to bring your own refreshments; there is no food and drink available at the Science and Innovation Park. 

The Study has reader tables, free Wi-Fi, a photocopier and power outlets. There is a PC to access the Science Museum library catalogue and the SMG archives catalogue. There is a secure space to safely leave your belongings; you’re welcome to use your laptop or tablet, phone or camera, notepad and pencil when researching. 

Any photocopying or photography is subject to copyright restrictions. There is a charge for copying. 

The Science and Innovation Park is a no-smoking, no vaping site, this includes all indoor and outside spaces. If you wish to smoke or vape you will need to leave the site to do so. 

Visiting virtually 

Virtual viewing appointments are available Monday to Thursday between 09.00-16.00. These can be ‘live’ online or we can take photos and measurements for your use.